HI-Green Carbon Black complies with ASTM Standard - ASTM D3053 (rCB - recovered Carbon Black).

We produce Hi-Green Carbon from high quality crumb rubber in presence of chemical accelerators at our fully indigenous state-of-art production and patented world's first 100 ton/day process plant, that uses combination of thermal and mechanical operation for cracking of long chain of polymer into the small fractions using combination of chemical accelerator which produces highly refined product equivalent to the standards of carbon black produced traditionally by heavy oil feedstock.

Hi-Green Carbon Black thus produced, undergoes further refining process at very high temperature to reduce the impurities followed by pelletizing and packaging, which gives us leading edge over traditionally produced ASTM grade Carbon Black.

Hi-Green Carbon offers grades in 500, 600 & 700 Series, and our production process is energy surplus and complete environment friendly hence yields next to zero carbon dioxide emissions. The Hi-Green Carbon Series offers industry a sustainable, more cost effective alternative to traditional Carbon Blacks available in the market today.

We are proud to be seeing ourselves as leading global supplier, of specialized environment friendly Carbon Blacks that are commercially accepted substitutes for major industrial grades and all our grades are pelletized and shipped in standard bags or super sacks.

Being Green focused Research and Development organization at heart, we continuously develop special grades with unique properties for new applications for our valuable clients. Following are the grades that we produce at our facility.

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Why rCB


Feedstock is post consumer rubber, not oil


One delivered FTL of rCB avoids both the consumption of 68 tons of oil and reduces emissions by 57 tons of CO2


Reduced cost of production, hence stable lower cost to customer


Offers unique properties not usually obtained with carcass carbon blacks such as lower hysteresis and low PAH content

Uses of rCB

Hi-Green Carbon Black has just the right properties which enables us to cater it to wide range of rubber and plastics industries.
Our products have been used to substitute several ASTM grades in those industries

Tires & Rubber Products
Our current customers use the various grades of Hi-Green Carbon Black in rubber as both a filler and as a strengthening or reinforcing agent. In tires, it is used in innerliners, carcasses, sidewalls and treads utilizing different types based on specific performance requirements. Certain grades of Hi-Green Carbon is also used in many molded and extruded industrial rubber products, such as belts, hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, vibration isolation devices, bushings, air springs, chassis bumpers, and multiple types of pads, boots, wiper blades, fascia, conveyor wheels, profiles, grommets, etc.

Hi-Green Carbon's plastic grades are manufactured such that it reduces the use of thinning agents like Wax and other aromatic oils. This Hi-Green Carbon grades are now widely used for manufacturing of conductive packaging, films, fibers, moldings, pipes and semi-conductive cable compounds in products such as Water tanks, refuse sacks, industrial bags, photographic containers, agriculture mulch film, stretch wrap, and thermoplastic molding applications for automotive, electrical/electronics, household appliances and blow-molded containers.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Compounds
Hi-Green Carbon is carefully manufactured to provide electrical characteristics from insulating to conductive in products such as electronic packaging, safety applications, and automotive parts.

High Performance Coatings
Hi-Green Carbon is used for pigmentation, conductivity, and UV protection for a number of coating applications including automotive, marine, aerospace, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings. Its unique UV protection properties makes it ideal for use for surface treatment.

Toners and Printing Inks
The uniformity of the particle size of Hi-Green Carbon Black makes it ideal to be used in News Paper printing inks, printer toner ink, etc. The richness and jetness of the Hi-Green Carbon makes it more desirable for some of the leading News Paper printing presses.

About Us

The Radhe Group of Energy, founded by Dr. Shailesh Makadia, is India's one of the fastest growing private enterprise in the renewable energy sector. The Group's core focus is on Renewable Energy with a diversified balanced portfolio stretching from Castings, Consumer goods, Corporate farming, Packaging and Herbal Products.

Backward & forward vertical integration has been the foundation stone of the growth and success of Radhe. Starting with Bio-coal in the late nineties, Radhe pursued a strategy of backward & forward vertical integration - meeting the nation's energy and environment challenges by developing technology based solutions for multitudes of Industries.

This choice of strategic focus has enabled the Group to target its energy and investment, constantly finding new solutions and models in Government of India (DSIR – Department of Scientific & Industrial Research) approved In-House R & D Center which appreciated by customers world-wide.

Hi-Green Carbon is a venture of Radhe Group of Energy, into manufacturing of high-quality and environmentally superior recovered Carbon Black – an alternative to virgin carbon black